Avengers Crossover but I’ve never seen the movie

Date: 5/13/2019

By levinelover

Something to do with the beach and Tobias? Then I was watching the final avengers movie with a friend, and the movie was a mix of two iconic movies and the finale for both. In space there was this crazy fighting scene and there were these two characters from the other crossover movie that looked like women who were giants, they got shot in the chest in an action scene. But later, both of them were still still alive and ready to fight! The avengers team shot them with a shotgun until their bullets ran out, and they were still alive! The avengers realized they had no other way to kill them, and they were fucked. The women opened their mouths to reveal on the inside was only outer space and galaxy, they explained they were born in space so inside them was only space which is why the bullets couldn’t kill them. One of them wanted this guys phone number, and the other one had it and the first one was like what you’ve had it all this time and didn’t give it to me?