Multiple Dreams in 1

Date: 4/18/2019

By BellaDragon7

Lmao so first dream I don’t remember as well but I was in school and Gibson was with me and I was feeding him a popsicle and showing kids at my school. Then I was getting on this train with maddy and him and my mom and I but then the train started going and maddy weren’t there so I called 911 and they were trying to get her back to the train but the train was like boot leg and like didn’t even have real seats just like wood things so I was hanging on trying not to fall out lmao. Then next dream I got scared awake by dreaming that Olivia popped up in one of those inflatable T. rex suits and I screamed and got scared of it for some reason and then my grandma was laughing at me in my dream and I was laughing that I got scared by that. Also next part of a dream I remember we were in Mr Coval’s apartment apparently and he had this like table thing and there was this big like rock thing and then in it was this tiny little quarts crystal and then me and Lauren were screaming “ITS JUST SO AESTHETICALLY PLEASINGGGGG” while pointing at it and my teacher from last year mr coval was looking at us weird. And then another part I remember I was walking alone on this long country road like in the country but it was like Arizona or something and there was like fencing to the left with cows and bison and I was recording videos to send to you and Lauren because I was screaming MOOOOOOO at them and they were all mooing back and staring at me. But then later it was dark and I was still alone on that road thing and I think I saw slender man or like some faceless figure thing and got it on video but the video was out of focus and u couldn’t see it clearly. Omg then in the next dream I SAW MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER but the one time I saw him he was going into his apartment and he said he couldn’t talk to me cuz it was after hours but I just had a question about tickets so he answered and he had a country accent for some reason. but then ig he texted me something I don’t remember what it was and i said something about I had to go home to jump my horses and he texted me “oh that’s cool you go home to jump :) ♥️” like which literally makes no sense but I was happy cuz he texted me idek how but anyways dreams aren’t logical. Then there was supposed to be a huge tornado coming that was finna wipe out all the buildings on the lake side but then it didnt. On the radar it showed it would take out all the buildings on the shore but then I was like “tHey aLwAyS sAy tHaT bUt iT nEvEr hApPenS”. Then I was walking up to my apartment and then I was walking past these two kids from my school and I made a noise and they were like “wth was that” and then they were talking about how I was a powerful walker apparently like Shawn Mendez. Then I went to the book store and I saw Matthew there but he was surrounded by body guards and I wanted to meet him so bad but I didn’t have money and I saw this girl from my geo class there anf I was like ONE OF MY FAVORITE ACTORS ARE THERE AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH and I was sad I couldn’t meet him. Then I was walking back home but it was dark and there was this creepy house then this guy came out trying to attack us and I guess he was possessed because I kept like kicking him in the crotch and twisting his arms backwards and the wrong way to break them cuz he was gunna kill us but then like nothing I did affected him he just like snapped his bones back in place but then I pulled him to the lake across the street and was drowning him but these people saw and didn’t understand he was possessed so they didn’t let me drown him but they called the police and then the police came to take a picture of him before he brought him away so I was holding the guys arm to make sure he didn’t get away but then the police caught orbs in the picture and the guy started getting all weird again and ran in the building then the police guy ran after him but saw something in the building and started screaming and he ran out saying we gotta get out of here so me and him were trying to run and find the car but it was so dark and we didn’t know where it was sonwe were running around but he car was gone so I said our only other option was to hitchhike and then the possessed guy didn’t know where we went after that