meeting "dad"

Date: 6/7/2017

By lochnessie93

i met my real "dad" in this dream. he informed me that i was very special and had superpowers that i needed to harness. he also introduced me to my twin brother. we had both just met this dad for the first time. i was pretty skeptical. my "brother" was not. so he was explaining to us how to use our powers. the dad was really immature and goofy. kind of mischievous with his powers. he liked to prank and mess around with people. then these two people who looked like me and my brother showed up. trying to kill us so they could be taught by our dad or capture him. not really sure. dad showed me a pic from a long time ago that i was in. but i looked not much younger. maybe 5 years even though it had been from my childhood. it was very confusing. but i didnt get to figure out why. i had to fight the person trying to kill me. dad didnt know about these strangers attacking us. soooo. we fought. it was crazy and i kicked her ass. but i didnt kill her because i didnt think that was nice or fair. so i picked her up and told her i would take her home if she told me where to go. since we were both pretty beat up i turned us invisible and started walking. then i woke up.