Probably the scarcest dream I've ever had

Date: 6/18/2017

By cecoats

Okay so a little bit of backstory here, the school I attend has had multiple bomb threats and shooting threats in the past which have caused us to go on lockdowns and stuff, those have all been pretty scary and they've kinda freaked me out so sometimes I dream about them, this one was extra spooky though. The dream----- We were at some kind of sporting event in the soccer stadium, but all the cars were on the field Instead of in the parking lot. These guys were walking around, dressed in all black and they were saying that they were going to bomb the school. Only a few people knew about it and I was included, so I grabbed as many people As I could and we all bolted out of there. I made my friend call 911 while I called my boyfriend to give us a ride home. While I was calling, I heard the bombs go off. For some reason my boyfriend refused to pick us up so I had to run home. When I got home the police were on the road by my house, but the road turned into water so it was more like a river. They were blocking off the exit with a boat because apparently the river was contaminated with nuclear material from the explosions. Our whole house and street was suddenly moved to the street outside of my school, Where they were chasing around the guys who did it. They eventually caught them and put them with us. The police made them sit right next to me, which freaked me out. A few minutes of sitting had passed when I realized that the 5 people around me all looked the same, but only two of them were the bombers. Then the one next to me who's name is Andrew pulled out a gun and held it to my head, for some reason I put my pillow and my hand in between me and the gun. The police officer ran over and started singing here comes the sun, which made him put the gun down. After a few seconds of him putting the gun down I decide to ask to go to the bathroom so I could hide. In the bathroom there were a bunch of freshmen girls who were trying out for cheer. I had to get past them so I could hide in a stall. As soon as I lock the door and sit, I hear Andrew walk in and start talking to the girls, then he walks up to the door of my stall and I hear one of the girls yell "what are you doing!?" Andrew shoots his gun up and the bullet goes into my stall, I dodge the bullet and then I start freaking out, then Andrew says in a quiet voice "okay girls, we're gonna go outside and I'm going to count down from 10 to 1 in Spanish, and when I say uno, we run in and shoot Claire. (me)" I started to come up with a plan, there were two doors on each side of the bathroom, I decided that when I heard them leave I was going to run out the back door and sprint home. Before I could do that, I heard a loud bang. Then I woke up. After I woke up I stayed in bed for a few minutes unable to move. It was so scary.