Roommate and Chicago

Date: 7/30/2019

By ace200

I found out my roommate for college, and she was alright, but I really didn’t want to be roommates with her. I ended up staying at her house which was pretty messy, dark, and humid with dark tones of purple and green and plants everywhere. She was Hispanic. I then went home to face my friends who were really bored because my sister wasn’t doing anything with them. I explained my roommate situation and they didn’t seem to care, so they left. I was then playing Roxie in my High School’s production of Chicago. I was very excited, but really nervous since I’ve never had a lead before, but rehearsals were a lot of fun. I ended up writing lyrics on my arms in fear I’d forget them. Opening night was at a very huge performing area that resembled Moulin Rouge. I couldn’t find my dressing room, but I eventually did and changed into a black, tight getup watched as Colin went onstage as Billy Flynn. I watched from the audience after my part was over as my friends performed. Sophie has two lines, but her mic wasn’t on so you couldn’t hear. We then all went out afterwards for ice cream, but I was driving like a maniac. I ended up going in the wrong lanes. We finally stopped at this very old fashioned shop that gave us candy sushi, but Sophie complained it was too boring and old school and wanted to go elsewhere. We got back in the car and found an Ice Cream truck and hunted him down, ending up in more driving chaos.