I robbed michael jordan

Date: 8/3/2017

By ChristianCap

I had a dream where I knew I was dreaming. It started out at some high school basketball game and i left early with some friends on these transparent glass hoverboards that took us into space into what felt like a whole other dimension with mushroom clouds the size of planets in the distance. And next thing I know me and my friends are organizing a heist as we travel in space. I dont remember what we were stealing, but i remember we had to steal guns to use for the heist. For whatever reason, the guns were at michael jordans house Me, my two friends, and quentin tarrantino were the ones assigned by whoever to complete the heist In my dream michael jordan had a nephew that lived with him and he was having a nighttime pool party with all of his friends outside. I snuck in MJs nephews window while my two friends stayed on the roof and Quentin Tarrantino was on the other end of the zipline we needed to use to escape into the woods nearby. The guns were in that room in a row of mini fridges. I found three handguns and one uzi. Right when i was about to exit out the window. I heard michael jordan and his wife come to the room I stood up in a panic and introduced myself as "Daniel's older brother" hoping his nephew had a friend named daniel at the party. I explained i was looking for his "stuff" They made some corny joke and walked out. I left out the window We ziplined into the woods and walked for not even five minutes when all of a sudden the police came driving down these abandoned train tracks and arrested us. Not sure how we failed or on what grounds we got arrested. But we went to jail nonetheless, and the prison was my aunts house The end Shout out Michael Jordans nephew