Torture werehouse

Date: 5/30/2017

By Jadders

I was on my way to a cinema on my own when I saw someone I knew. They were going to. However she had brought a suitcase full of clothes. The guy at the door said she couldn't enter the case. I said, "Don't worry, I took it from her and put all the clothes on a clothes rack in the actors' dressing room, which they really didn't like me for. We both went to the toilets before the movie started, but I went to the male toilets instead. In this run-down cinema, we were the only customers of the day. After using the toilet, I went to wash my hands, and as I looked up into the mirror, I could see the girl that I had come into the cinema with but in the other room. I was waving but she couldn't see me. Some member of staff then walked in to use the toilet, but I carried on looking in the mirror. I then saw some guy behind my friend who came out of the cubicle with a shovel. I started screaming to her to look out, and as he was about to hit her with it, I was hit round the back of the head with the shovel. Knocked out cold. I woke up stuck in a torture loop in some factory. There was loads of us. We each had our own cage, and at certain times of the day, they would take all of us to another massive room where they would torture us. They would stick pins in our fingers and under our nails. It hurt so fucking bad that everyone would just scream. After they where finished with us they drugged us and put us back in our cage, because of this we would all forget what had been happening to us. But for some reason, the gas had stopped working on me, so I knew what was going to be happening again and again. I was trying to warn everyone else in their cages about what was happening, but I was found out. I was dragged out of my cage, beaten up, and thrown into another room. This was the torture room. everyone in it had been put in a different position. My position was to hold an item of shelf. My left hand was in front of me, and my right hand was stretching out above.. everyone had something different. the guy behind me had to lay down and hold his head up, but he started talking and then gave up and just laid his head on the floor. An evil lady had come down to make her rounds to just look at all of us staying still. The evil lady then saw the guy laying on the floor had given up and went over to him and stabbed him multiple times. He then died. The evil lady then carried on with her rounds. Once she left, I brung down my arm, which had now turned purple. The blood now rushes back into the arm, and I collapsed. Then I woke up just as I was about to be thrown away. But I managed to run away and ended up in a classroom. As I entered the room, there were talking about how the world was going to end while all looking at me. As it it was my fault. As the class was dismissed, I met Philip schofield, so I stayed in the classroom to chat a little with him. Someone then came into the class with a water gun filled with bullets and started firing at anyone who was left in the room. Phillip and I make a run for it out to some very, very icey roads. He was walking and I was cycling. (Not sure where the bike came from) I was aiming to get back to the cinema but I had no idea where I was. I cycled alongside Philip as he was directing me. I was showing off skills on my bike. I could jump well high, I mean 3 stories high and land it. I then realised this wasn't really real. it can't be I must be dreaming. so I kept doing these really high jumps, and with every single one of them, I became more and more aware that I was actually dreaming. I said to Phillip, "This will be the last jump, and I will wake up." I did one last huge jump and ended up jumping back in time 7 years.

AI generated interpretation Your dream incorporates a variety of different scenarios and emotions, ranging from social interactions to fear and terror. The dream begins with a socially awkward situation where you and your friend encounter an issue with baggage at the cinema. The encounter with this male staff member at the cinema may represent a sense of feeling judged or scrutinized. Additionally, the fact that you end up in the men’s restroom while your friend goes to the women’s restroom may indicate a sense of discomfort or insecurity about your own gender identity or sexuality. The dream then transitions to a fear-based scenario where you and others are trapped in a torture warehouse. The torture may symbolize a sense of feeling trapped or victimized in real life. Whether you are actually the victim of something or just feel victimized depends on current events in your life. The memory loss from the drugs implies a sense of disorientation or distorted perception of reality, potentially from avoiding addressing traumatic events. Your feeling of being the only one who knows what is happening and trying to warn others can indicate a belief that others are blind or ignorant about certain problems, which creates a feeling of isolation. The dream ends with a wild escape and a journey through icy roads. This could represent the difficulty or challenge in escaping real-life situations that are negative or dangerous. Jumping into the past likely represents a desire to rewrite history or perhaps a feeling of nostalgia for a time when things felt more “simple” or “solved.” The jump may be symbolic of a sudden realization or self-awareness of the dream state, underscoring a shift in your personal attunement to your sense of self in the present.