car in a bag

Date: 4/2/2017

By louieooh

I was driving a Rover HSE Sport when I was leaving a work meeting. I had a full car and some unknown kid stopped me and jumped in my car. I put the car in park and went to the back seat to throw him out. He yelled as I drove away and ended up hitting a landslide. The Rover slid down and rolled over and over. we ended up on some old man's property and the old man's wife came out holding a shotgun saying that we ruined her farm. she took a few shots at me and my DSC (district sales coordinator) we needed to get the Rover out because it would have been evidence. police started looking for us and we knew it. somehow we both were able to fold the SUV up into a cube.. we stuffed the cube into a bag and made our way through woods. dragging the bad all the way out to the city. I woke up when I feel to the floor of exhaustion.