Another Amusement Park

Date: 6/18/2017

By Big_Dreamer

So I was at another amusement park, on a small roller coaster and I sat near the front, with my family and other people sitting in the back. The cars were small and as we dipped, I shouted in excitement. Uh... I wouldn't have if I were actually on it. Maybe it was the fact that the cars were small. I actually can't remember what happened when I got off, just that there's another scene. I'm in a restaurant that I feel is connected to the amusement park with my dad and brother. There are phallic (I feel more secure by typing that out) objects around the table, made of wood, and very few kids look our direction. There are pop cans near us on a counter, including Sprite, Dr Pepper, and some other types of pop, but as I shook it and found out that they were already drunk. I got a glass of Sprite that wasn't drunk already and went back to the table. My dad had a wine glass already filled with Sprite, and we both stopped and I smiled. I can't remember any after that. I am now in a museum of some sort and I'm walking around, minding my own buisness when I meet my brother. We pass by and I stop at a game. I can't remember anything about the game, just that I started playing it. My memory then faded and I woke up at 7:25, 40 minutes after I usually wake up