The Subway

Date: 6/25/2019

By kflyn92

I had a dream that i was on a monorail/subway train like system except they were smaller cars. Anyways, i was on one with a bunch of random people. the loading and unloading station was near a large river and we were riding it and the system broke and all the cars stopped, we all were freaked out but we couldn't get out and walk, the unloading/reloading system was in several layers from way below ground, which could travel under the river) to way above ground, (like of like how highways can stack up). Apparently something happened to one of the layers underground where it cracked and was leaking, causing the system to surge and stop, the pressure lead it to start flooding. We were at about ground level so we had no idea what was going on, plus it was winter (of course) so it was freezing out. At first we stayed calm but as hours passed we grew more worried. Eventually we heard from people in the other cars that if they were on ground level they could all get out and just push their car back to the loading station. So we tried doing that, it was freezing so we let younger people stay inside and everyone else pushed it. We communicated with the other trains for a while until we lost signal or our phones died, we were a distance away. Finally we got to the station, only to see that it was almost all the way flooded and almost all the cars were under the water/ice, you could see bodies of people who got out but had to climb the layers upward to the ground level, and the bodies trapped in the cars. There was one car left of survivors besides us. Panic began, but we couldnt run, there was no where to go, as this was just a small location on the way off skirts of town many miles away that is for the sole purpose of unloading and reloading the monorail/trains. Eventually out of the two groups, a few people thought they could manually repair the train so they could just ride the one train out. Everyone decided to try it, so two trains piled into one, and they sat and waited with anticipation. One kid, the youngest of the group around 11-14, was so nervous and panicked, they ran out. I ran after them to try and get them to come back, i could hear cheering from the train car in the distance as i reached the kid, they must have fixed it. I tried calming the kid down and told them we were going to be safe and the cheering means they fixed it. So we were walking back, while we almost got to the train, they started it, it was on a slight incline, so it would take alot of power to get going, hard but possible. The train got over excited about the power being on that they didnt think about how it had been freezing rain all night, and the gears are really slick and stiff from the power being off and the cold temperature, that when it got running and they tried to shift to run forward, that the gear got stuck on reverse and all they panicked with so many people pulling the shift and power in so many directions that instead of going forward in full power, it reversed in full power slamming into another train car, derailing and falling down many layers into frozen water and Ice as me and the kid stood by and watched frantically.