Date: 5/21/2017

By Hoodie_Ninja

Had a dream about a woman's husband died and I had to find these blue stones so I went around and assassinating people who supposedly had them and got two before I woke up

AI generated interpretation Your dream involving the death of a woman's husband and the hunt for blue stones suggests that you may have some underlying feelings of anxiety or stress related to your personal relationships or obligations. The death of the husband may symbolize an ending or change in a particular relationship or aspect of your life, and the search for the blue stones may represent the need to fulfill certain responsibilities or duties in this new phase of your life. The assassination of people to acquire the stones may indicate a willingness to take drastic measures to achieve your goals or protect what is important to you. It is also possible that the color blue may represent feelings of sadness or depression, which may be further contributing to any anxiety or stress you are experiencing. Overall, this dream may be reflecting on your desire to cope with change and any feelings of obligation that may be weighing on you.