Possession? I have no idea.

Date: 5/24/2017

By NightLight

I walked in on my aunt doing witchcraft. She had a book open in one hand, a knife in another and speaking in a different language. I ran and told my dad and he said after my aunt leaves the house we were gonna pray over it. After my aunt left my dad started to pray over the house. We walked into my aunts room and immediately the atmosphere changed. It felt like someone was in the room. I could faintly feel warm breath on the back of my neck. I told my father to hurry and pray over my aunts room. As he did so, I watched shadows run across the wall and then just like that they disappeared. When we left the room my dad said we had to do one more thing to make sure the house was totally clear of unclean spirits. He brought my dog and immediately the dog started barking at me. I didn't know why at first until I felt my own mouth move without me even realizing it. I felt myself being pulled and separated from my own mind until I was falling into a for every ongoing pit of darkness. Out of nowhere I started to see out of my own eyes but I still wasn't completely in control of me.(that's the best way I can try to explain it without it trying to sound confusing.) I was in a dark cave like place and my father stood in front of me. A torch on the side of the wall lit up the darkness that surround us. My dad stood there with my dog's leash in one hand and a bible in another. My hands were tied up above me. Every time the dog barked and my dad continued to speak words from the bible I would scream bloody murder. I twisted and jerked around trying as hard as I could to get untied. I then felt something moving from within my stomach I looked down and saw a lump of some sort moving around under my skin. I screamed and cried even when my lungs felt like they were on fire. My dad then yelled for the spirit's name and it's voice mixed with my screams of agony yelled Jamar. Just when I thought the worst was yet to come I felt the lump start to make its way up towards my throat. When I felt the spider like thing in my mouth that had just crawled up my throat I immediately spat it out. I felt my hands fall free from the binds that held them above my head and I fell to the ground.