The test

Date: 6/17/2017

By tezcatlipoca

I was in a class with Steve Carrell as the economics teacher. It was a giant class room. The tables were in huge rows and the room was like a hotel conference room only much bigger. Everyone seemed very serious, but I wasn't too worried about it. There were two guys from a previous dream (they were in the first video) who sat across from me. I was goofing off and got up to walk around. I started trying to chat with some people but they looked at me like I was crazy. A bunch of people started to get up and they were standing in the middle of the room in a line. They had papers in there hands. I was curious and went over then realized they had quizes in there hands. We were taking a test and I didn't know it. I check my desk and the quiz is there waiting for me. I run up to Steve, who is his character from the big short and he won't talk to me, he says he has to deliver some mail and he shows me an envelope. I am freaking out, but think there is still some time I'll try to get some of the questions. The bottom part of the quiz is about types of dogs and I think this will be easy, but when I try to read it it all seems like gibberish. Steve walks by and seems sympathetic, but says there isn't anything he can do and it wouldn't be fair to the others if he did. I accept that.