The Cahills vs. The Monsters

Date: 6/19/2017

By Elora28

I was Dan and Amy was my sister (39 clues book series). we were staying with Amy's friend and his mother at a safehouse that was supposed to be safe from monsters. But Amy's friend's mom had just passed away because a string of monsters got through the safety barrier and fataly wounded her. Amy's friend realized that the house was no longer safe and we were discussing it. We all had powers. I had the ability to manipulate coins and metal (like Magneto). I could also turn into a purple monster with the help of the drug Aleve. Amy could stretch her arms and legs (like Elastigirl). Amy's friend was new to the whole "powers" thing, so he could only bend metal coins a little bit. He could also shoot endless bones from his fingertips (like one of the skeleton monsters from The Legend of Zelda series). We, on the other hand, had been training our whole lives, so we were far mpre experienced. Amy's friend decided to take down the "safe" barrier by shooting the pumpkins off of the roof. We decided to run. The monsters started approaching by the hundreds. I felt trapped and scared, so i began to cry. Then i woke up.