Free camera at a dorm, the bong and sushi

Date: 4/24/2020

By Purple

In my dream I knocked on the door of a dormitory. My original intent for being there was to get something from Freecycle. It was supposed to be a camera, and I wasn’t so sure of taking it because it was a medium format camera like the one used at the photo studio I worked for when I was in college. While the girl told me to hang out while she went to get it, I asked if I could use the bathroom. The dorm was very large. There was a main room that was bright and airy. I noticed that the dormitory was well lived in and they were many items all over the place. While it looked cluttered, it did not look sloppy or dirty. It appeared as if it could be cleaned up relatively quickly, within a few hours, if each student were to put away their things and clean up on their own, then sweep and mop and dust as a team. In the bathroom I noticed a bong. But it was small and peculiar. It had different colors of mouth pieces that were all together in one unit. They were color coordinated. There were about eight different mouthpieces. It was clear to me that six of them were couples and two were singles. I am guessing that they were separated that way for fear of spreading germs to people they were not intimate with. I don’t know why I was hanging around, but the scene shifted and they offered me sushi. I dislike sushi but I did not want to insult them. They set me up with a nice sampling, but I explained that I won’t eat it all and they took away some but still left me with one sample each of a few different items. Dream ends.