The Dying World

Date: 6/5/2017

By Fitful

This dream had snippets I recall perfectly, and also this amorphous imagery and knowing which had nothing to do with images and visuals. The world around me was dying, everyone was dying, it was so painful for everyone everywhere, but especially for me because eim could feel that pain, like clouds of emotions pressing against my skin. It got worse when I was around people, I couldn't function most of the time. It lessons when alone a bit. A man, tall, dressed in long black robes kept me safe. He scared everyone away from me, drove them away, gave me space to breath inside the cloud of the dying world's pain. I was so grateful to him, I felt so safe, cared for, maybe more safe and cared for than I ever have in real life. ~ There was a girl, she was bleeding into the walls, her body had morphed beyond her control, and as I came up a flight of subways steps she was cast into the cement wall and the steps, her face and body stretching like a warped picture, but bleeding and dripping real blood. Her blonde hair streamed everywhere. She didn't know how to fix herself, or really what was happening. The sun let her go, she was suddenly beneath the subway roof and not in direct sunlight and began to move quicker, gathering herself back together. It wasn't quick tho, it was slow and I didn't have time so I ran on. ~ I was a werewolf, they were trapping people by calling out nightmares into reality and i had watched them successfully capture people before. Now it was a wolf running everywhere in the daylight, I knew it was coming for me. I was the wolf, the Werewolf, and once it found me they had me and would keep me their slave forever. ~ I was putting on makeup, my own did well enough but I wanted to be adventurous and I ran and stole a few of my mom's foundations and an unopened eyeshadow. The foundations were my coloring and one was tinged red like blush not foundation, but I really wanted to use them. I used the first one and it was perfect, it made my face sparkly and the shadows under my eyes looked like eyemakeup not sleep deprivation. My hair kept annoying me tho, it was dyed terribly, bleached blonde but left a yellow glaring blond and the tips a ice white blonde, and it kept curling around my face. I hated it. ~ There was a fireplace, which had no fire in it. I put a ladder in it and used it to get up to my room. Outside people were dying and the world was war still, and I found myself fishing out the window of my tall apartment building for skellington heads. They were in a myriad of colors, and i think they were plastic bowls, but could have been balloons. I kept grappling them with a fish hook and line and pulling them in. I really liked certain colors. ~ I kept communicating with people, half in English half in egyptian hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphics only spoke to a certain groups, spirits or gods or some such people. People I couldn't see. I wasn't sure what I said either, it was pages and pages of writing, hieroglyphics writing, but I had no idea what time said to them.