Suicidal Zombie

Date: 4/26/2017

By mmartin16

I was in my old bed room in the PA house and I wasn't really a part of the dream I was just watching. And there was this woman who was like deeply depressed. She had no friends and people were mean to her. She was a teacher and there were 2 young students in the room. She had a knife and she told the one kid to go get something and while he was gone she was going to open the box. She sat on the floor took the knife and slit her wrist. And it didn't look painful. She e enjoyed it. She took the knife and slit her other wrist and then she took her bloody hand and sucked blood off her finger. She loves the taste so she called the other little kid in the room over to her and started eating him. Her phone went off and she said "Why didn't people text me when I was a live" I woke up in real life and then fell back asleep and she's standing with her back turned to me and she says "want to see how many friends I have now?" She turned around and was covered in blood and beside her was a pile of parts of bodies.