Date: 2/4/2017

By maritzaV1288

it stared off with Anthony and I sleeping together my brother came and played down with Anthony I was upset because I didn't want him in are bed my mom woke up and heard us fighting. I heard a crash I went running down stairs and the was cop's I seen it was Jesse in the truck the police said not to come out the house I stared to cry I looked out my Window and his body was gone out of the truck. the police said that he thinks it was suicide. I kept crying there where little kids passing by in there bikes just being annoying. there was a Dr who came to talk to my mom and my brother about my mental break down I couldn't talk with out crying all I kept thinking of is how he hated me and now he's gone how are son will grow up with out his daddy there was pictures of Anthony and his dad also of us when we where a family. his family was planning the funeral everyone looked at his girlfriend Like the good women in his life and I was the one who stressed him out and ruined his life. my son didn't no what was going on he would seem me cry but I couldn't explain what happened. I woke up crying with tears down my face.