The ADD (chase + secrets)

Date: 2/24/2017

By Aznlollipop

At night and running away from big red alien demon/devil looking thing. Everyone is running faster than I am. Turning slightly sideways to help run faster but I'm still the slowest. Falling behind. See friends up the hill going in a different direction. I tell them not to go to my direction and they turn back. I end up in a giant cabbage/lettuce farm that one of the devil alien farmers is tending. We hide behind the brown picket fences or some hanging cabbage or lettuce. The red ADD can't see or sense us when we hide behind them. They can also be distracted by the cabbage. One person at a time throws/rolls the cabbage like a bowling ball and escapes to another section closer to safety. The ADD seems to be OCD. Someone from the other end hiding behind a cabbage and open field throws cabbage the other way and starts running. Everyone starts running again towards the fields. A glowing light is ahead. It turns out it is a carnival with all of the lights as decoration. We all scatter like spiders and the ADD doesn't catch us all. It swipes a few people, but it's always a close call. I run towards the hills and towards the carnival. I am swiped and picked up by the ADD and he holds me in his hand. I squirm and manage to get away. The carnival lights are not all up and some parts of it seem down. People are there and take the lights and whenever they go out, they stick the bulbs together to make them light up again. I scramble and take one and it goes out. I follow the protocol and actions from what I see other people do, but the light doesn't light up. I try it again and nothing happens. Someone beside me helps me and it works. People sit in the chair around the round table and says nice things to each other. My professor says something nice to the woman a few chairs away from me and everyone says aww. Change scene: The ADD reaches us but this one is smaller (or shrinks to human size) and grabs the mic and start singing. It has a pretty decent or nice voice. It goes around and sings about people's secrets and thoughts. When it gets to me, it sings: Singing voice --> you feel like you're a burden to the group. You never understood those signs on those soda fountains. I'll take diet please. The ADD twirls around and sways and then continues to sing about other people, but I don't hear them. A friend next to me asks, "Would you like some ice cream" (turns pint to show b&j white chocolate cookie dough). "Look it's your favorite." I look at it for a few seconds deciding, but then say, "No" my heart is aching and I am about to cry. When the devil knows your weakest and darkest secrets and a dream tells you something you've kept in the back of your mind, you know something is wrong