scary story becomes my dream

Date: 8/2/2017

By emmacoons

in real life fell asleep listening to a 5 hour real scary ghost story video on youtube. when i fell asleep, it was like a dream within a dream in a way. i remember waking up in my dream, fully aware i was listening to that video  but i couldnt pause it for whatever reason. i went upstairs to get water and take a sleeping pill and katy and aaron were up there. i told katy i had a scary dream (that i don't remember) and she wasnt fully paying attention because she was holding gabe. a few dream minutes went by and i mentioned it again and she laughed and made a comment how she didnt really say anything about it the first time and apoligized for it, like she would in real life. i told her that i fell asleep to this video and i had weird ass dreams because of it. for some reason, we ended up downstairs, all of us, and the plushy couch cushions were on the floor and we were all laying down on them, the video still playing and in my dream i fell asleep again assuming because i took that pill. in my dream within a dream, sonya's boyfriend was there and i ended up upstairs again. i dont remember what we were talking about, but it was serious. as we were talking, we moved from upstairs to downstairs into jake's room where there were a handful of random girls and a little boy. i asked him if i could sit next to him, and he said yes, but i soon realised jake had a full futon cushion set up on the ground so i laughed and moved there. the girls in the room had their heads to the side, and i picked up they were both plugging in their phone chargers but i never saw their faces. cory mentioned that a couple people died in his and grace's life, it's a bit fuzzy. but as i was waking up i was hearing this video like it was cory talking. he had mentioned he had an ex girlfriend die and the story was talking about some guys' girlfriend who died who had blonde hair and purple eyes, and a blue sweatshirt. the character in the story was mentioning she was a ghost at the head of his bed. right when i fully woke up i briefly, but faintly, saw the girl there at the head of my bed but soon disappeared. i knew it was from the video after hearing the context of it so i wasnt scared, but it was a trip.