Time travelers

Date: 7/15/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I got sucked back in time, and was in a market place, kind of medieval times. I walk through the stalls, trying to get my bearings. As I'm looking around, things aren't adding up. There are people playing lutes and whatever those really old time guitar things are that look like they're made out of gourds, but then there are also people selling tie dye shirts and whatnot. There's a small crowd gathered around a guy, and when I get closer I realize that it's Mozart. They're giving him different tshirts to try on. I barge in, breaking up the group. "No! This isn't right! You CANNOT put a tshirt on Mozart!" I scream. I turn to a frightened Mozart in an I ❤️ NY shirt. "These aren't even from your stupid time period!" The villagers are mad at me for disrupting them. Someone grabs my shoulder and drags me through tents to somewhere with less people. "Excuse me!" I say, perturbed. The dude glares at me telling me to be quiet. "You can't just go around telling people they're in the wrong time period. They'll figure out you're from the future." I realize by his outfit that he's from the same time as I am. He explains what he can, which isn't much. We end up hunting down this woman who travels through time and enslaves children into her army. We gradually find a few more people who are on our side and are also time travelers. One of them who's from a year that's later than mine says something about a movie, I believe it was lord of the rings. I laugh and say "what? That's not how that quote goes. Don't you remember? The actor screwed up his line!" She looks at me funny, saying that no, she's positive it's the way she told it. I have a clear memory of watching the film, and I know I'm right, but then my memory morphs and I realized I just changed the future, simply because I said that. I know that it means someone who's been sitting here in the conversation must tell someone later on and it ends up changing the movie. Anyway, we chase the evil lady into an industrial-ish pub place. We're in a back room and I can see her talking with her henchmen. My partner tells me not to be stupid by going after her. I tell him that I have to and run into the room. I go to tackle her, and when I touch her we are both transported in time. I'm on a rooftop. It's foggy and dark. The buildings around me feel futuristic with lots of glowing lights. I see the woman sprinting away. I charge after her. She disappears, leaving a little circle of wavering energy/smoke in the air. I can't stop in time, and when I run into it I get zapped to another time. I keep chasing her and following her when she disappears. Eventually I catch her and stop her or something. Whatever it is, I wind up back in the messed up time period with Mozart. More people from the future, my time, show up and they say they can take me home. I consider it for a minute, but decline. The henchmen are still there in the past, so I say I want to stay behind to stop them. I want to protect my home from there, in the past.