Baby Jonas

Date: 7/16/2017

By diacela13

[important info: I am 14, my brother was born a year ago, me and my boyfriend have been dating for 9 months, and he is 16] Mom was pregnant again. We didn't really know how to take the information, since she and dad were getting old and they just had a new baby. They didn't want another baby, but they don't believe in abortion. She had they baby shortly after we found out she was pregnant, and it died in childbirth. None of us were attached yet, so there was no tears. A month later, I was pregnant. How I got pregnant, I had no idea. I, too, had my baby shortly after we found out. Strangely, there were no repercussions from my parents. Everyone was excited. As soon as someone saw him, their eyes widened and they seemed to be in a trance. Everyone except me and my boyfriend. We named him Jonas and we knew that he was the most beautiful baby boy to ever be born. Once we took him home, his family started to get curious about our baby Jonas. His dad was waiting in his car when we got to our house, and when he saw us pull up he ran to the car and pressed his face against the window where Jonas was. We had to pull him away from the car in order to get our baby boy out and into the house. Jonas grew up quickly and had many obvious talents. He could draw, sing, speak eloquently, climb trees, cook, the whole nine yards. He liked the same things his dad liked. He liked the same things I liked. He had his dad's hair and my eyes. He had his fathers nose and my face shape. He was beautiful. One night while we were sleeping, a bright light filled every window in the house, waking me and my (now) husband. The first thing we did was run for Jonas's room and the last thing we saw of him was tall, skinny, white men with long, thin fingers holding his hands and bringing him into the lights. We already knew why they took him. I mean, why would they leave their best experiment in the hands of teenagers? I never told my partner that the baby wasn't his. It was theirs. It wasn't mine, either. He's going home.