Date: 3/18/2017

By sharkey161

I work ed at this fair thing. It had these song show downs, and i was getting bored so i left my friend Zach to decide what songs to do and stuff. I kind of wandered around and there were a lot of restaurants around. There was this one closed restaurant that a bunch of people were waiting at and they were all grumpy, they asked me to take them to seating area. I said okay and walked them to the bottom of this hill and sat them down, but then i saw this tornado in the distance and i told the people to evacuate, they didn't listen to me so i dragged them behind the hill and told them to take cover. Then i think i forgot about the tornado and walked around,i herd this guy giving out free ham sandwiches were pretty good. So i got in line and by the time that i was second in line the guy decided he didn't want to do this anymore and he walked away. I was like oh idk, but the girl in front of me was kind of disappointed. So then i go behind the counter and make her a ham sandwich. The guy actually explained how he made it every time he made one so i just did how i herd him make one. It was a bun, cheese, ham, tomato, plane macaroni, salt ,and the other bun. He was very grateful and we hung out around the fair, and we became friends.