Date: 8/7/2017

By tiafaithberger

So it was night time and my whole school was at my house and I saw carlee and she ran up to me and I ran up to her and we hugged and said how much we missed each other and then I saw Ian but I egnored him and then I said I forgot my backpack on the trail (which was on the right side of my house) and they said they would get it because they we going in the tour and I was no no it's ok I can get it but the (mostly carlee) said they insist and so I was like ok and they left to go on the tour and then came back and I was out side and I asked carlee if she grabbed my backpack and it was like her whole mood changed to hatred for me and I was like oh ok don't worry about it I will go get it and then I went and got it and I saw Ian's bag and I picked it up cause that is the person I am and then I walked to my house and went inside and Layla was following me and then I handed sorta threw his bag at him and didn't not look him in the eyes and started to walk away and then he said " what your not even going to look at me???!!!" And then said "you too!" To Layla and I just kept walking and that is all I remember of that dream.