Part of a dream I might have had before.. Another interesting part...😮

Date: 7/19/2017

By madnewman13😼

So basically I'm pretty sure I've had this dream before about being in this ginormous done kind of like in the hunger games but slightly smaller, playing something something similar to the hunger games but as a survival game against zombies and evil spirits. If my crush, my friend Katelyn, Josh, Danielle, and some other random dude could survive at a specific time, then we won the game. It began to get very dark, and were given weapons to defend ourselves. I didn't take any bc I was just going to climb something and stay up there. DUH! But after finding a man next to a lamp post telling us clues, we got separated. It was just Katelyn and I who had gotten separated from the other four. We were in the almost pitch black trying to find our way back to the others. We soon heard moaning of zombies and started running along a path we discovered. After the moans stopped, Katelyn suggested we'd go into the forest and leave the path to hunt for food. I knew it was a terrible idea bc we had just heard zombies there. But I followed anyway. By our surprise, we found the others again. My crush was so happy he gave me a tight hug and kissed me. But then out of nowhere a zombie climbed out of some bushes and started attacking us. My crush pulled out his weapon and hit it a few times. Then more and more came. But we had won the game! Soon we thought it was so fun that we played several more games after that. 😂 I believe I might have had this dream before... The next dream occurred after the zombie game, still in the dome, Dani and my crush and me all decided to try out some games and things that appeared there. My crush found some anecdote or potion that could turn you into a dog for about 20-30 minutes. He drank it and turned into my favorite breed of dogs; a husky. I was all over him and petting him because I thought he was so cute as a dog. He really enjoyed this, also. After it had worn off, my crush and I fell asleep in each others arms for some reason. Lol