They’re coming

Date: 5/8/2019

By breannat20

I’m in a huge building, everything’s normal, people are going about their days.. until the power starts to flicker and everyone starts to scatter. Running tryin to find a hiding place. We can’t see them but they can see us. As I’m running I make it out the builidng head to an elevator and back into another building. The chaos had spread and I was in the middle of a war zone. Running into the empty stairwell was more startling than being in the chaos, it was too quiet. It was creepy so I ran back out. There was a bathroom loads of people were runnin in so I decided to join. I found a place far enough back and sat small with my back against the wall as the crowd kept coming in. One girl with bright clear green eyes came by me, I felt a familiarity with her so I pulled her down and held her in my arms. She looked in my eyes and told me she wanted everything to be alright. I grabbed her face and told her even if we werent going to be alright, that we were going to be just fine bc we didn’t belong here anyways