My Adventure Spelunking in an Abandoned Mall

Date: 7/14/2019

By fluffytree

I was exploring a ruined mall that's filled with water in some places. I ran into some people here and there, other urban explorers and even ran into Tasha my old schoolmate. She playfully smiled and punched me and I grabbed her hands following it up with gently cupping her face in my hands. We looked at each other briefly with this sense of something romantic that was happening. I never really liked her like that back then but I think she did. I've thought about it over the years, but never really dwelled on it. I trudged on trying to find my way home, which were these apartment complexes situated on an island above ground. Some sections had too much water in them for me to progress and I wasn't about to dare even try wading into 3ft of this murky water that held who knows what types of chemicals and bacteria. Eventually I did find a way through the same area by just carefully navigating the long abandoned terrain. It really felt like a video game I was in and the sense of adventure was really quite palpable. I got to an area that had lights and dozens of people and found my way into a little book store run by a dwarf who looked like he stepped right out of a Tolkien realm. Another customer entered looking for a particular book but he said he simply didn't have it in yet and recommended another. I didn't know why I was there but I did like the quaint, somewhat magical atmosphere. I left and kept going but was stopped by another small man who apparently had some issue with me. I can't remember the specifics but he kept claiming I said some stuff to him and was tired of words and wanted to square of. He wouldn't listen to reason so I didn't have a choice but to run or stand and fight. I chose the latter. I made sure not to underestimate him simply because of his size as I've made that mistake irl before, but I took on mostly defense while he attacked with lots of quick punches. He never connected any of them though and I was shocked at how skilled I was at fighting. He even jumped onto me and got around my neck but I flung him off with some effort. He gave up after that and nodded in defeat. I lowered my guard and I guess that settled that. He simply wanted to let off some steam I suppose. I finally somehow made my way out and into the warm tropical sunlight. I saw my apartments ahead surrounded by people happily playing by the beach and continued on home just as I was waking up.