Secret Crush

Date: 3/19/2019

By bluemystic

As usual, I dream of my crush. Which I cannot have...We are traveling in a van, with a group of people, to different apartments. We seem to be switching apartments every month or so... Some high school friends that I have not seen in years are also in the van traveling with me and of course we are smoking weed. For some reason, I am trying hard to hide the weed in my pocket. That seems stupid to me. I am stressing over it and if someone can see the weed in my pocket, I keep stuffing it down. On our last apartment stop, we seem to be on top of a parking garage. There is a forest behind these apartments. And of course, I want to walk through it. It is creepy as hell! But I still walk... It’s dark, thick and I can barely see. Only blue streaks of lights go through....Then suddenly I awake, right before I reach the end...of course...ughhh!....3.18.19