Dank Stone(r)s

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

(Any dream pre-2017 does not have an exact date; many are guesses based on text message receipts and iPod notes) Out of nowhere, my bottom teeth fell out. After trying to stick them back in my gums on the first attempt, they fall out again. I try to magically glue my teeth to where they're supposed to be, but they continuously fell back into my hands, the teeth grow smaller and smaller with each attempt until they start breaking down like small pebbles. Looking around, the area seemed to look similar to my living room, but more distorted: lots of furniture was missing, carpet was blue rather than its usual forest green. While holding my pebble teeth in a panic, I saw a circle of people sitting in the middle of the room with puffs of smoke surrounding the air. Many of the circle members were various former high school classmates and old friends; many of which I could not remember name-wise to save my life. While trying to get their attention and informing them as to what is happening, I hear one voice say, "yo that's so dank." I woke up and vigorously cleaned my retainers after neglecting them the night before.