Heelys at a swimming pool

Date: 3/10/2017

By QuartzRes

I was with a friend that I went to highschool with, let's call him K. We were walking down a sloped cement walkway that was wet from rainfall. I was wearing black heelys and he was wearing white heelys. We both went into skate mode and coasted down the walkway towards a double glass door. We went inside and walked normally from there. It was warm, there was steam in the air, and the place was an olympic-sized pool with some people swimming in it, mostly men, though a few women were there as well. I got the feeling we were at a college. My language arts teacher from highschool showed up outside in a yellow tractor-esque vehicle, jumped down and came inside. My teacher, referred to here as L, turned out to be an instructor for swimmers. L reached out and shook my hand, saying it had been a while, and said hi to my friend. K and I watched the swimmers for a while, then said we had to go. We left the pool and heelied down to a local mall. On the way, my left heely's wheel fell out and turned into a spool with green metallic thread on it. I picked it up, said something about how cool that was, and clipped it back into my shoe, where it became a translucent plastic wheel again but kept the green metallic color as the axel color. Once we reached the mall, another friend, S, joined up to go with us to the game store. I walked into the game store and began looking around. My friends wandered off to go look at what interested them. I then met a man who looked very strange, but I recognized him as a new actor to play Wolverine. He was wearing a long pig nose and a puffy yellow circus outfit. I felt bad for him and asked why he had to wear that stuff. He asked me if I was buying anything and I said I didn't know yet. He then said that wolverine was being made into a children's cartoon character and that it was his job to be the one wearing the mascot suit. He took off the nose and looked at me. I saw that he looked just like the comic book version of the character except as a real person. "You should play him in a movie or a cartoon," I said. "You should play him in a scenario that actually suits Wolverine. You even sound like him." He looked at me and thanked me, then held out a promotional soft squeak toy with a pained smile on his face. "You will play Wolverine," I said firmly, "but in a much better world than this." My friends came back from their shopping, didn't see anything special about the guy scanning their items, and we made our purchases and left. The cement walkway was now a sort of wooden bridge, and we heelied across it, even though more rain had soaked the wooden planks, and went towards the bus stop so we could go home. I woke up.