Vibrator dream

Date: 4/15/2017

By bails22

I was having a sleepover with two girl friends who I had seen in real life that day. I was sleeping between them and we were all just in our underwear. I heard a buzzing noise and realized it was my vibrator that was inside me just as my friend U woke up and looked at me all confused. I said "What?" acting as though I had no idea what she was wondering about. She started reaching down under the sheets while maintaining eye contact, basically playing chicken on whether I'd fess up to knowing what the noise was before she touched it. I didn't fess up. She found the vibrator (a WeVibe, so part of it sticks out on top of the clit) and pushed on it, making sure I knew that she knew it was there while we were still looking at each others' eyes. A hand moved towards my boobs in my lacy bra. Then I woke up.