vampire nights

Date: 5/27/2017

By Savannah

There was a large early 1900's style gothic manor in the middle of nowhere, i was there as a prisoner soon to be killed by a woman by the name of Elizabeth. She had long sleek black hair that trailed down to her tailbone. some how i was able to escape from my restraints and hid in multiple places as i watched her search for me, and when she had disappeared i ran out of a side door in the mansion. I kept running and running but in the end i went full circle back to the manor. When i arrived i saw a tall man with classic formal atire walking through the front gate and Elizabeth went down to greet him. I slipped in through the side door I had escaped from and began running again. (this next part is blurry because i woke up to turn my alarm of then fell back asleep) The next I remember i was acquainted with Elizabeth and we were walking down a hallway i was always two steps behind her however seeing only her back of her profile. But, i know that she was beautiful because i was never genuinely scared of her appearance. As we walked down the long corridor lined with large windows on the left with long pink drapes that went from the ceiling down to the floor, dark golden tiled floors with a mauve rug that stretched the length and wooden doors to empty rooms on the right, she told me of her son and how when be was younger her husband (the tall man) attempted to take the boys life in order to preserve his own. I noticed that it frightened her when she talked and she told me how she sent the boy away when he was little to keep him from the husband. (I don't really remember much of what happened afterwards but i remember some of of it before i woke up) the son was back but he was much older now, maybe 20's and he was with a girl. he had brown hair and wore a jean shirt and she had a pink blouse and curly blonde hair. At one point there was a flashback to when they were kids and it turns out they had been childhood friends. It was the girl's memory and she suddenly remembered knowing him as a child. Elizabeth was happy because her son was back and he had found love, however her husband was not so enthused. He disliked the girl and plotted to kill her while they were sleeping but the son over heard and escaped with girl. (then i woke up)