Don't hate me

Date: 7/4/2017

By Rigby

I was in my home. Another girl was there. She looked and sounded vaguely like Azula (from ATLA), but it wasn't her. It was weird. Her and I were having a heated argument. A mother figure of hers was off to the side, not listening. I'm not sure what we were arguing about, other than saying we hated each other. I went to my childhood bedroom, which had no door. I began to organize some stuffed animals, and my movies into alphabetical order. She walks into my room, her mom with her. "why can't you two get along? You guys will stay in here until you can get along." her mother leaves. The girl and I stand in my room awkwardly. She asks me a couple questions; I ignore her. She then starts picking up some of my movies. "don't touch those." she starts looking instead of touching. She quietly asks why I hate her. "I don't know.. I don't think I hate you. You just piss me off." she looks at me with sad eyes. "but I like you". I'm confused. I don't say anything. I continue not looking at her. She picks up a favourite movie of mine. I walk to her and quietly say "please don't touch these". She looks at me. "can we watch this together? I'd like to watch this with you..". I try to pull the movie from her hand, but instead we awkwardly stand there, both holding the movie. "Sure". She smiles. I think she's beautiful, but I'm too shy to look at her. I go back to cleaning my room. She puts the movie in. I look at her as she gets comfortable. I very shyly crawl onto my bed. I sit next to her. She holds my hand. I look down at my lap, not watching the movie. Mind racing, embarrassed, shy. She kisses me, slow, and long. I woke up.