A talking, aggressive train set that has references to jojo

Date: 2/3/2017

By renoracer

The dream started with me walking into my dining room when I saw a lego train on the floor. It had a tail that looked like a scorpion's tail on the rear of it. I came and sat down next to it and I could not help but feel an enormous amount of fear. I have just been reading the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 'Vento Aureo' manga, in which the protagonist joins a gang. This somehow crossed over into my dream, because this small lego train set suddenly turned into a 12 foot scorpion like monster. It came very close to me and whilst I do not remember the words it said specifically, it reminded me that it was my boss and that I should fear it. Before I knew it, this train set had turned back into a small one again and was no bigger than a shoe. It was at this point I realised there was a baby on the floor of my living room, and it started to make a lot of noise. A sense of arrogance then came onto me, so for some reason I decided to ram this train set into the wall, with the lego pieces falling everywhere. I remember thinking 'how am I going to get away with this?'. I then went over to the baby and spoke to it. The baby grabbed onto my shoulders with a crazy amount of strength. I tried placing it down on my fireplace, but it wouldn't let go, and at this time I noticed that it had very large and long arms, almost the same size as that of an adult man. Soon I returned to where I had destroyed the train set, and this big, robot looking figure spoke to me and told me that he was the new 'boss' and everybody is glad the old one was gone. I woke up soon after this.