Pregnancy and prostitution

Date: 8/14/2017

By strangerdelaney

I was taking classes somewhere that I guess was college but we were staying in hotel rooms. I was sleeping in the room with Kali because she was my roommate. She started talking in her sleep like she does but she was like screaming about twins chasing her and it was really scary. Then she woke herself up and told me she was going to military school and I was like wut. So because she was going to military school I had to get a new roommate. I was in some sort of science class the next day and the school president who looked sort of like dr cater came in and told me I was getting two new roommates a boy and a girl. When I came back to my room it had been cleaned by the president and it was like really messy before and I met my new roommates. But I was really confused because there were only two beds so I was wondering if they would make the two girls sleep in a bed together and this boy would get his own bed. Then I went to the doctor with my mom and somehow found out that I was pregnant. Which was confused if because I was like the last time I was sexually active was like 2 months ago and I don't seem 2 months pregnant. Then I went to drama class and gryphon was there and I told her I was pregnant and she told me I could kill the baby by punching myself in the stomach with a toothbrush. Then i was in a class on waitressing and this guy who looked like I mixture of kev from shameless and Russ came in and chose a couple girls that he thought were pretty to come with him and he chose me. He dressed us in really slutty outfits and we had to walk down this like ally/runway while a bunch of older dudes cat called at us and it was very weird but he payed us bank. Later I was in the Anna Marie's dance changing room and for some reason Phoenix was there. I told her I was pregnant and that I did this weird perv modeling thing and I also said that I had apparently gotten involved in prostitution earlier in the week. She was really shocked and was like woa Delaney you're going crazy.