Night Terror

Date: 7/29/2017

By contactsilence

My husband was beating me up and I could fully feel the physical pain. I knew I was dreaming and I would wake up on my bed and tell my husband I had a dream he was beating me and I could feel it and could he just please hold me, but he would be half asleep and not fully wake and I'd go back thick into the dream and that was part of the dream. I would fake wake up three times trying to get his comfort. I was on top of the refrigerator and my nephew had placed me there. He taped paper in my hair to adorn it and he shrunk from being an adult to a child. He also taped a paper skirt onto his waist and tried to fly from up as nearly high a table as the refrigerator. It was my other nephew who was possibly beating me. I kept drifting back towards that back room where I'd be beaten and I'd resist and turn back. One time was being pulled there and the room was stale and foggy and still. They would wash their clothes and then use the sink water to take a bath. It was my nephews tuen for a bath but he was a grown man taking a bath in the sink. I had a voice I guess it was my own thoughts telling me as I was falling off the bed that I was just dreaming. I was slipping and falling off the bed and the sheets were being pulled off the bed with me. I fell about 10 feet and more. I told myself it was a dream and I felt the sleep paralysis and tried to wake up. Just relax I said before in funky mumbled a call out to my husband. I woke and told him of the dream. I am forcing myself to write this as I feel my body so heavy now that I may slip in this heavy sleep again. It's heavy because my body is so heavy it's paralyzed.