Date: 7/10/2017

By musti46

So i went to sleep at around 6.30am this morning and i woke up around 6.45 while screaming one word, 'real', i dont know what happened but i do know what i saw. Okay so the dream, when it starts, im in my room basically and my mom comes in to ask me or tell me something. Its at this point that i first notice that the bathroom door is open, and all of a sudden the room goes dark. I cant make out mom anymore, i can barely see her moving her hand in the air as if she's angry about something. I see a child sitting in the bathroom on the floor looking at me, its dark but im able to make out the shape of this thing which is sitting in my bathroom on the floor. I try to point my mom towards it but i cant and the next moment its gone. Then i see my elder brothers youngest son, he comes running towards me into my room and hugs me, but he becomes so heavy that i cant carry him and we both fall to the ground. The lights go out again this time i see a figure in the dim light walking out of the bathroom very slowly towards us, my nephew doesnt let go of me and i start to crawl towards the door and out of my room, i make it out of the room with great difficulty and then kick the closest chair to make a big loud noise so that someone could hear me. The chair fell to the ground, i kept kicking it and eventually my mother comes out of her room and the lights come back on and the figure that was walking towards me is gone. I keep telling my mother through out the dream that i am seeing this i swear to her over and over again and every time she cries and thinks i've gone mad. But these illusions or hallucinations that i have seem so real. Then my sister in law, her three kids and my mother show up in the lounge. Im standing 4 or 5 feet away and its like they're all sitting on a sofa. My mother gets up and starts walking towards me, i get very horrified because when she gets up and walks about 5-6 steps towards me, thats when i blink and i see that my mom is sitting on the sofa but she's also walking towards me. There are two of them. Tears roll down my eyes and i try and scream even though i cant scream, i try and scream "whos my real mom?" And she just keeps walking towards me "WHO IS..?" The lights arent going out dark like they were before, now they're flashing. Becoming different colours, sometimes white, then red, then blue, then red, then white again. And i yell "whos real?" And again "real!" And i know thats the last word i said before the dream ended because thats what i woke up yelling. I could hear myself.