Super baby made from topaz crystals VS baby Dua Lipa.. and Bra’s

Date: 4/18/2019

By levinelover

There was a very popular bra that all the girls were getting that was a mixture of Guess and Gucci. It was especially popular for coachella. It was a mixture of two different patterns, a guess pattern at the top and dark beige on the bottom and had two red straps in the middle holding them together. I didn’t like the style of it so I didn’t get it. A man said he saw a version of the Gucci new bra where the red straps were still in the middle and the actual bra was two blue picture cake-like, scenery designs rather than the Gucci guess cutoff. It looked my style and it still had the iconic red straps so people would know I’m trendy but doing it my own way! There was only one left and I needed to have it. My friends were also interested, but I knew it would be mine. We found it, but it was a C cup which was too small for me, so much for that. Me and a bunch of my girls went home with the coachella Gucci guess cake bra, and were in a room. Across from us Nataly stayed in a room, and we thought to ask her if she’d fit in the bra. I left to go get her and Ryan’s dad was in the hallway, I smiled and told him I wanted to get Nataly so we could see if she fits in the bra. He looked kinda serious, and knocked on her door. He told me not to find the situation funny and called Nataly over. I told him me and my friends had drank some beer, and me and one of the other girls thought this was absolutely hilarious, and that’s okay. Nataly said came into the room with us and we asked if she was a C, she was actually a DD! I asked May if she was a C cause she looked like she could’ve been, and she asked ME if I was one! I said these babies couldn’t be stuffed into a C if I tried 😂 There was a newborn baby, and it was a super baby. It grew up really fast, after less than a month it was already crawling around doing its own thing. I was grocery shopping and the baby was in the shopping cart. I looked back and the grocery cart was empty! I wasn’t surprised, I figured he climbed out but the people around me were very concerned. I told them he was a month old (a little older than he really was) and that he must’ve fallen out, cause that was the only thing that would make sense to them. I saw him crawling on the floor under one of tables. He was crawling around on a mission of some sort. A baby Dua Lipa also came under the table. The strong baby, looked at her and started to turn into floating glowing energy balls of topaz crystals, exposing what made it into its form. He flew away and Dua Lipa also transformed with topaz crystals, morphing them as a gorgeous one piece bathing suit on her. It was gorgeous and very modern looking. I pointed out how sexy and beautiful she looked when she transformed, and she said she had to remind people it’s 2016 and you can wear out of this world things.