presidential movie

Date: 2/15/2017

By Chewbacon

Huge celebrity party. Crazy movie idea(told to me first by ? Maybe a foretelling? Played out as told up to president trump). I'm Seeking assistance (illuminati? Killer). Celebs (disappearing/killed?) Always felt like I was uncovering something (shitty hidden power like some angels and demons horseshit) Appears:Tony Stewart(name only? Wasn't Stewart in the beginning, named when talking to stoned Seth Rogan who was useless) Seth rogan (tried to get him to help me find people who had gone missing, he was dancing in a room with random people and totally stoned and had no idea what I was trying to tell him) Asian girl from HS (haven't seen this girl in over 10 years but 100% sure it was her. In a room with me and her and two other people, asked her how many people were considered an orgy. Felt something hit hand, she was laughing embarrassed because it was cum from a guy who was shooting on her face. Grossed out, washing off in sink. Remember telling her she owes me for that, thinking of future sexual favors. Very clearly saw her face covered in cum even though I never saw that in real life, haha) William H Macy, (misidentified, visually was Macy and referenced as Jurassic park guy and a bunch of other movies he didn't actually do, trump and I got the name wrong when we named him in conversation.) Trump (as the president) End parts clearest. Was covering party as media member. Met with president in informal sit down. Was relaying movie idea to trump, getting feedback. Felt like everyone else in room was like wtf but trump got it. Wants to fund it in 8 years after out of office. Trump leaves, media people stay in room. Spoken to by (advisor? Secret service? Dressed like park ranger). "Ok media people how are we going to print this nonsense? I'd almost rather talk up the murders aspect than the ridiculous movie idea. Did they fund gilligans island?" Some new reporter guy "nope nah (chuckling) Secret service (mad army type). You think it's funny? That's no sir to me. You're all free to go. I leave out of a side door and walk around building, every few feet are secret service dressed in clothes like the old spy vsspy comic but shining silver and can't see faces. Trying to leave to find one of the people I met who was on my side, there's obviously some crazy shit going on and some celebs/people are cool and some not. Can hear them talking over radios about who's this guy (me). Responses say I'm no threat but one of the last agents stop me to be in a VIP picture ceremony. Line of people walking to a photo taking point. I get shuffled in with them but I'm in with the military dressed people and someone in charge (voice, female) points out Civilian dressed people and tells me to go where they are (she was mad) Group of people all standing for picture. Picture is taken but in the picture everyone is turned around looking at a window behind us. There's a woman with wings, like a scary version of that fairy from the sparkle paper towel commercials but in pink and kind of in drag? She's screaming on other side of window, banging against it. Bit of blood from her face, face seems stuck in position like the ring. Someone says "that's the sugar plum fairy. If you see her she comes to kill you." Next thing I know I'm dead, hole in back of head where brain exited like it was ripped out? Looking up through the hole, weird that it wasn't frightening. End credits type thing start to roll. Felt like video game more than movie at that point. Never afraid, fairy was creepy but dying made me mad that I "lost the game" and couldn't continue my quest. Assumed that fairy went all rampage on everyone's ass. Dream felt like it was forever long. Total time asleep was about 2 hours, seemed like it was longer in dream. There's a huge chunk before all this that I've lost where a bunch of stuff happened that all made sense in the dream. It was like a plot plying out. I knew the plot as/before things happened and this is what I was basing my pitch to trump on. So mad I lost the crux of it because in the dream it seemed super fucking amazing of an original story. Lot more famous people I can't remember doing stuff.