Paintball like Dogeball

Date: 3/11/2017

By beanofthejill

This is actually a dream I had a night ago. I remember I was in a paintball situation. So first, my friend and I entered a lobby. There were a bunch of people walking around, some were putting on the protective gear, while others were talking. My friend went up to the main desk and got us the protective gear we needed. Then, we enter an elevator going down. This elevator is pretty dark, but it had two glowing blue bars on either side of the ceiling so that We could see. We finished putting on the gear and the elevator doors opened. The room We entered was dimly lit, and had the same type of lighting as it did in the elevator. It was kind of cool to be honest. My friend headed over to the combat area. I followed her but I wasn't sure exactly what was happening. So the idea is, that we played a game like dogeball, but they were paint balls instead. The building/game area had obstacles and walls to hide behind. While my friend was already prepared, and knew how to play, I knew barely anything. So, I was being coached/trained by this guy. He told be to throw one of the paintballs (they are a bit smaller than dogeballs, and are supposed to splatter when thrown at something), so I did. My aim was terrible and I couldn't even make it splatter (which is unrealistic, because I'm actually quite strong). He signed at me and had me continue through training. I trained a bunch of times trying to get the paintball to pop. While my aim got more accurate, I still couldn't pop the paintball. I woke up around there (or from what I can remember anyways)