Defeating Robot Army with Water Powers

Date: 7/22/2017

By toxxicduck

Warning! This dream is kind of long. It is also only semi-lucid. I belonged to a group of people who could all manipulate water, like waterbenders from Avatar: the Last Airbender, except we soaked the water into our bodies in order to control it. We stored the water this way and could bring it out to use it whenever we wanted. There were only about 4 of us in the group, and I don’t really remember what the others looked like. One guy looked like Carrot-Top from the back. Our leader looked like the Joker from the Dark Knight. I’m not sure if we were good guys or villains, it seemed more like we were just struggling to survive. It started out on the streets outside and it was dark out. We were running from some people for unknown reasons, and ran to a MAX station (PDX train station). We clamored onto the platform and there were big puddles everywhere. I think they were puddles of blood but it was hard to tell in the darkness. My comrades started laughing maniacally and blobs of blood began rising into the air. I did not like that they were doing that. We got on the MAX and it went into a tunnel. It stopped inside the tunnel and I got off. I don’t remember what was going on, but I had to go through the tunnel for something. I don't know what happened to the other guys. It looked like a pipe system dungeon in a videogame. I had a tracker with me that had red and yellow dots blinking on its screen, like the radar in Halo. Red for enemies and yellow for allies. I ran down a tunnel toward a yellow dot that had two red dots attacking it. I found a white woman wrestling with a black man who had dreadlocks. The woman was on my side. I magically made a big ice stalactite appear above them and made it impale the enemy guy. I turned and saw another enemy, another white lady. She had a completely shocked look on her face. I held my palm out toward her and made all the water in her body come out through her pores and into my palm, which turned her into dust. Using my water powers how I wanted was the only thing I was lucid about in my dream. I continued through the pipe maze. It was like the metro stations in Fallout 3: train tracks and other hallways and tunnels. Along the way I encountered more enemies. I either sliced them with an ice whip move, or put their wrists together like ice handcuffs. All the fights were super quick and easy. Eventually I came to a huge clearing. It was like the size of a professional football stadium. It was a big circle with a high ceiling. Around the edges of the circle were smaller square areas, blocked by tall chain link fences and gates. The tunnel where I had entered was halfway up the room, so I got a good view of the area. The place was run by an army of robots! They had a robot scheme to take over humanity by implanting their commanders into important seats of corporations, then moving up to the military and government, making everyone believe that they are good. The leader of the robots was a giant computer on a big platform. The computer glowed green and there was a fence all around the platform, so nothing could go near it. There were lieutenant robots that were large pear shaped robots with heads and arms, and tank-like wheels. They were set up in the square fenced off areas. There were a few other robots around each one, like their bodyguards. In the center of this large space was a hoard of small robot minions who worked at control panel stations or were just walking around. My plan, at first, was to take out each of the lieutenants. Since I was far up above the ground, I could jump into one of the square rooms over the fence. The fence went up to the ground where I was standing and I actually did have kind of a leap to make. I leapt over it and landed on a tall metal freight box thing that was standing lengthwise. As soon as I landed, all the robots in the area noticed me and targeted me with their lasers. I turned to the fence to run through its gate but saw that it was locked. By instinct, using my lucidness, I used my water powers to rocketed myself up into the air and over the fence by shooting steam from my feet. I could now fly around the room which felt exhilarating along with the lucid feeling. I turned my sights to the leader robot computer, knowing if I defeated it, all the others would shut down. Lasers were blasted all around me. I zoomed up and over the computer and landed behind it on the platform where I couldn’t get hit by lasers. There weren’t any robots on this side. I opened the computers panel and started slashing at its wires with my ice whip power. When the computer robot leader was destroyed, the robots on the ground started exploding and going haywire. The lights on their bodies were blinking red, and they were screeching their plans to take over humanity in their robot voices. I ran out from behind the computer and as some of the robots turned to aim their lasers at me, I shot little ice darts out of my palms and directly into their inhibitors to shut them off. I heard a racket from behind me, and when I turned around I saw a big metal garage door opening very poorly and loudly. I panicked and rocketed myself up and landed on top of the computer and ducked down as I watched people come from the garage door. They all oogled at what was going on, but couldn’t see me. I couldn't tell if they were on my side or not. As they came closer, I jumped down on top of the woman closest to me and bound her wrists behind her back with my ice powers. The others didn’t seem to notice. I went to attack the other's, like I had lost my mind and just wanted to kill them, but as I made for them, one of the men looked directly at me, and I stopped. He said that I had saved the country and didn’t have to hide who I was anymore. The End.