The bunnies trapped me

Date: 5/19/2019

By Naila

I was following this group of bunnies just jumping around. They would jump around my legs and I would kneel down and pet them. They seemed to be going somewhere and I decided to follow them without really looking where or paying attention. They were really cute and fluffy. The got me inside of this cage and they just hopped right inbetween the bars. When I looked behind me one of them hopped up and locked the door. I was stuck in there and they just jumped away without really carring. Suddenly I found myself in a different cell with 3 other people. One girl, one officer who was our friend and this othr guy. In the middle of the room there was a table with some benches around and we were just sitting there and I made something out of the stuff that guards left lying around. Instead of making something that would help us break out I made myself sunglasses out of wire and beer bottle glass shards. My cellmate was warning me that if other guards see that they'll take it away from me but I didn't care and I gave them as a gift to the officer friend. Thats about all I remember.