Date: 5/30/2017

By megan_1213

Ok so me and my friend was at this party get together kind of thing. We parted to do our own things. Well when I look at her I see some guy staring at her and trying to impress her and get her attention. I didn't like the fact of him having her attention. A game of baseball started and so I forced myself to play to outplay him.( I'm actually aware of me dreaming now so I could bend the dream at will when I wanted). So when he went to bat I thought ok he will hit the ball and it will literally get no distance and when he tries to run he will trip on his on feet. Sure enough it happened and when I went to bat I struck a home run. It cut to my and my friend holding hands as we walk through a creepy haunted forest walk though thing. She got scared so I stood in front of her and said if anything comes at us it will have to get to me before it gets her. She wrapped her arms around my waist and laughed and I felt butterflys in my stomach and was so glad I decided to outplay that guy that tried to impress her