film fight

Date: 2/6/2017

By I dream of Harding

At a climbing centre in Wales Came out of Class early, my whole family were there to pick me up but we lost each other. I put my phone on silent and decided to go check out a film instead I had all my things - bags, coats , stuff that I set out next to me at the front of the cinema There was an introductory academic talk before the film After the intro talk I checked my phone and had 7 missed calls from my dad. I decided I'd pushed it enough and had to go meet them I started gathering my stuff and picked up another guys sweater He immediately shoved me and I was suprised at the force he used. He was short with a centre parting. As I looked at him wondering how to react I was characterising him as a games workshop staff, interested in fantasy but also weight lifting. He wanted an ideal masculine body but was short. He wore a shirt that I read as butch-dyke. I tried to reason with him and stand up for myself. I explained I was trying to leave quickly and had a lot of stuff to gather. I had no intention of stealing his top but had picked it up to see because it was dark. He shoved me again saying I didn't understand him. The shove pushed me back and he advanced. I didn't want to fight him. The film wasnt loading, the organisers were downloading a codex for vlc so I wasn't getting in anyone's way. He made threats to me and I didn't know what to do so I grabbed asmuch of my stuff as I could. I noticed when I was leaving I wasn't wearing any trousers. My family were all in the car looking at me with the car open .