The sciencist

Date: 4/25/2017

By ammontgomery242

I was working as an assistant in Bruce Banners lad in the Avengers tower. I was helping him with a genetic experiment. Before I left for my first day, that had gone really well, Bruce and Tony where telling me about how when you leave for the day you have to make sure you grab everything you need because once the door locks it's closed for the night. Tony started talking about how it wasn't that they didn't trust you with a key it just that there wasn't any. The door to Bruce's lab has a large tank next to it full of hands. Some 250 plastic hands. They explain that the way the door works is that the hand are doorknobs but only one of them works and doesn't set off the alarm and only Bruce knows which hands to shake to open the door. The hands also read finger prints and DNA signature so only Bruce can actually open the door. Then a loud sound started ringing and on one else seemed to notice it, I woke up and it was my alarm.