Battle in Fictional Characters Land

Date: 1/18/2017

By QueenKarma

Last night I had a dream that I had to fight a bunch of heroes to prove I could live in their fictional universe or something. I beat up 5 Deadpools, 2 Groots, Raven from Teen Titans, and Sasuke. At the end I was supposed to fight Zelena from Once Upon a Time as like a villain boss battle thing but I refused because I was gonna kill her if I did since I hate her that much and I wasn't allowed to kill any of the people I fought. It was really weird though because I fought different comic book universe versions of both Groot and Deadpool, but I only actually saw one battle of each character. Sasuke was the first I saw, followed by 1 Deadpool, then Raven, and last was 1 Groot. During the Deadpool battle I saw, I didn't care whether or not I hurt him because he can heal himself automatically. But with Groot I ran over and hugged him after the battle because I didn't like hurting my giant tree baby. I had cut off both his arms in the battle, so I hugged him and said, "I'm so sorry, Groot! They'll grow back, right?" Groot reassured me that they would grow back and though his speech sounded normal to me, I'm pretty sure he only said, "I am Groot." Later on, there was a parade that I think was to welcome me to the fictional character world. During the parade I saw a group of villains running towards the exit of the fictional character town. I hopped on top of roofs to follow them. Somebody came with me, but I don't remember who. Just when I thought I caught up, I found that there were only minions in the area. I asked what they all were doing and one said, "Not having a minion parade!" At that, all the minions started hopping around and cheering. I was extremely annoyed and told them that they all had to leave or else they would be killed because a group of villains were coming. Then a miniature cruise ship sailed into a tiny river that cut through the path. The minions started boarding the ship. I was impatient, so I started picking up minions and chucking them into the boat. This just made the boat sink. I got a bit worried that I just killed all these minions, but I didn't even like them, so I didn't care much. Then the villains arrived and a bigger boat came in. Suddenly all the water drained from the river section and all I could see were the corpses of the minions that I had drowned. I still didn't care. My dream then skipped to a scene of me and all the heroes I fought, sitting in a room that had a slightly raised part that was a bit like a stage. We were playing either some sort of charades game or some sort of improv game. It involved somebody on stage calling somebody from the audience up and that person had to pick either a piece of furniture or a person to be. Deadpool called me up and I decided to pretend to be a window. Then somehow I ended up in Deadpool's lap. Not sure how though. I either fell off the table I was standing on while being a window, or I just decided to sit there for the heck of it. Deadpool was being scolded about something. I think he didn't play the game right or something. All I know is that Deadpool wasn't paying attention because he was hugging me from behind and whispering flirty things in my ear. Then the dream ended.