Father's Day

Date: 3/12/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of June 18th So this one is kind of vague, but I'll give it my best. So it was Father's Day and my dad didn't mention anything about hanging out with us. He hadn't talked to me in a week at this point. I was up leaning against a canoe in a junkyard for some reason at sunset, and that's when my mom came up to me. She didn't really seem sad, just kind of indifferent because she doesn't have the same paternal attachment he does to us. She just said "I have some news" and I just looked at her and didn't respond because I didn't think it could be that bad. That's when she said that my dad died in a car accident last night. At first I cried like a baby and started spray painting "rip dad I love you" on a big box I found. The spray paint wasn't really coming out well, but my brother walked up. He had heard what happened, but for some reason it didn't really have an effect on him. So he just watched me spray paint away. After that my sister came up, but I hid the spray painting because she didn't know yet. I posted something on Facebook saying "it's very hard to see a close family member pass, but you were the best dad anyone could ask for, happy Father's Day dad I love you and rest in peace". I was sitting in an eating area at college with my brother and my computer. People started commenting on it and I got a long one from Clara that I just couldn't even finish. After that, we drove home. I convinced my mom into letting me keep Kiki here, but scooter had to go:(. At this point, basil was already dead and I just didn't want to think about that. But I sat in the passenger side of my car just looking at my moms house. Everyone was doing something different and constructive, but I just couldn't get my mind off my dad. I tried calling him a million times just to hear his voicemail. After that, I gave up. I just didn't want to think about it anymore. So I just kept looking into the sunset feeling half empty.