Dreams: Magic and Omage

Date: 4/3/2019

By Ecnelis_Lataf

Omage is a sort of magical culture that was shared in a small community of inhuman beings. Zakkar was said to be a powerful, manipulative, and twisted man who threatened most in the 'omage’ culture. Supposedly he had once been part of it. I was a young shifter (Vena) born in the culture. I was able to go between a main female form and a main male form. With occasional tweaks to them to hide myself from threats. I had lost my mother, the one my shifter genetics came from, at a young age. My father was raising me in the omage culture. Zakkar comes and attacks my home as well as the home of some others nearby. I choose to take the fight to him. I take on my main female form and some leather armor and head off. Finding Zakkar through his scent (a heightened sense of mine) was easy. Facing against him wasn't. He found me amusing. Like a toy or a puppy. Not sure which. I kept getting back to my feet and analyzed every move he made. It became apparent what his weakness was but only through chance. It was that there was a type of pure magic that could stop him. He had knocked me to the ground once again. I wasn't fully able to get up before he pinned me, hand on my throat trying to choke out my life. “Have you finally given up?” He sneered at me. Blue eyes piercing into my emerald ones. “Never gonna happen.” I barely managed to get out as I tried to buck the bastard off me. I continued to struggle with him as I pushed magic into my hands. A pure kind I'd learned from watching the Foxkin amongst our omage community. It was just enough to knock him out. I dragged him back to one of the rooms and found a young foxkin hiding under the bed. He was maybe 5 at the most and terrified. I used a special magic cancelling silk cord and tied Zakkar's arms and legs up. I then went to the young boy. “I won't hurt you.” I told him. “But he might. He stole me.” The boy said. I motioned for him to come out. He was hesitant but did so. He stayed behind me so as to keep from Zakkar's reach. “I was protecting him…” Zakkar mumbled as he started to awaken. “And how is that?” I questioned him. “You're a fool of a child. The omage is a cult not a sanctuary. They persecute and destroy the younger members so they can mold them as their own.” He said and lifted up his shirt to show plenty of scars and cuts all over his side. Many that led towards his abdomen and back. “You could have gotten those from terrorizing the community.” I stated as the foxkin boy clung to me with trembling hands. “Look in my eyes and tell me I'm lying. I know of your sight.” He snarled. I hadn't expected anyone to know of it outside the community. I was gifted to see into a person's soul and see what was and wasn't truth. I put my hand on his bound wrists and pushed. I saw the foxkin boy through his eyes. The child had been shamed and beaten by his parents a few times. I saw a younger Zakkar in his reflection. Shaggy frayed brown hair. Black eye, split lip, and cuts across his face. He looked away as the door swung open and there stood… my mother. She was frantic and trying to get him to come with her. To save him. I pulled back and felt tears falling from my eyes. “You knew my mother.” “She saved my life. Just as I plan to do for the kid. Just I try to do for many others in that cult.” Zakkar grimaced. I looked to the foxkin boy and took one of his trembling hands. I pushed gently and showed him what is seen in Zakkar's soul. He trembled again as he watched. He squeezed my hand tightly a couple times. “He… stole me… to save me?” The boy asked. “Yes.” Zakkar told him. The boy seemed puzzled by this as I pulled him back to the present. He looked between us and nodded. As if some part of him understood. He went to Zakkar and slowly unbound him. Giving me back the silk I'd used. “You going to give us away?” Zakkar asked me. “I have no reason to.” I answered him. He grinned and got to his feet, picking up the foxkin boy as he did this. “Then I'll continue as I've done by helping save the children of the omage.” “And terrorizing the community?” I questioned. “Of course.” He smirked at that. Though his expression soon turned serious. “If you want to know the truth you should ask your father what really happened to her.” I nodded. I then placed a necklace on the young boy. “If you ever need me, hold this tight and I will find you. Just in case you can't reach him.” The boy nodded at me. I turned to Zakkar and gave him an emerald band ring I had on. “It was my mother's. It is said to be a protective charm for those who wear it. Take it. You better keep yourself and the kid safe.” He put on the ring and nodded. “Farewell for now young Vena.” With that he and the boy were gone. I left the building with more questions than ever. That is when I awoke. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I was Vena once again but now dawning my more male form. I was standing at the edge of a moonlit lake with a camera in my hand. It had a magic on it so it could capture what most wouldn't be able to see. I was there with a friend I had made in this new town. She was very plain in appearance but very beautiful. If I were into women she'd very much be my type. I was helping her be able to see the presence she knew was here at the lake. She could feel them. “Vena are you sure it can capture them?” She asked me. “I'm certain.” I told her as the lake began to ripple and the camera began snapping photos. I could see exactly what it was though because of my sight. “Is he… a raven?” She asked watching the camera screen. This caught the young man's attention and he came to us. “Can you see me?” “Y-yes.” My friend stammered. I couldn't blame her for being a bit tongue-tied. He was beautiful. He had piercing silver eyes that glowed red as his magic surged. He had silky black hair that went just below the shoulders. He had an athletic build like that of a soccer player and yet his skin was almost white as snow. “How can you see me?” He asked in surprise. My friend pointed to my camera. “It has the ability to capture what's invisible. Granting the user sight for a small while.” She explained to him. He pulled her into a hug and I could see pure joy on his face. Something I wasn't expecting at all. “I'm so glad. I've seen you up here every night and I've wanted to talk to you.” He told her as he continued to hold her. My poor friend was turning more and more red. She hugged him back with a faint laugh. “Thank Vena. He can see you without the camera. He made it so I could.” The young man nodded to me. “Thank you. Truly.” “Why are you invisible to normal eyes?” I asked him. “Red X. That weird experimentation group that's been going around since Zakkar took down the Omage leaders.” He explained, “They wanted to test if they could make me visible and invisible at will. They made me invisible. I got away and hid out here.” “Zakkar took down the leaders?” I asked in astonishment. “I assume you know him.” My friend stated. “He's an ally of mine.” I answered and looked to the raven. “So what do we call you?” “Max.” He said then looked to my friend getting go of her now, “May I know your name?” “Amelia.” She said, blush still vibrant on her face. “Well Max, I may know a way to reverse what was done to you. You just will have to leave the lakeside and come with us to meet an old friend of mine.” I stated as calmly as possible. “If it means I will be able to truly hold conversations with Amelia and see her more often… then I'm fine with that.” He told us. “I.. I am too.” Amelia stammered a bit. They sound like a couple of love struck teenagers. I thought with a smile, “Alright. Just know this won't be the most pleasant of journey.” I clicked off my camera, put it back in its bag and secured it to me. I then grabbed both their arms tight. They grasped each other's free arms tight as well. With that we vanished from the lakeside and appeared in the entrance of what seemed to be a near vacant mansion. “Where are we?” Max asked. “The home of my old friend.” I answered him. I let go of their arms as I heard the patter of small footsteps come running behind me. “Vena's back!” Shouted the familiar voice of the young foxkin. “Hello Alikai. You've grown quite a bit.” I told him and caught the now 8 year old as he ran to me. “This friend of yours… is a parent?” Amelia asked. “To a degree.” I answered as some other kids peeked their heads out from the rooms down the hall. Some I recognized. Others were newer. “He rescues children. Human and inhuman alike. I help where I can.” I told them. Alikai smiled as his triple fox tails wagged behind him. I held the boy a bit more before sitting him down on his feet. “Alikai, is he home or on a mission?” I asked the boy. He gained a mischievous grin. “He's in his office. Can we show your new friends to a guest room?” Max and Amelia exchanged glances. I just smiled. “How about the dining room. I'm sure they'd like food and I bet Miria would love to cook up some of her fancy meals for them.” I suggested. Alikai's eyes lit up and he grabbed both their hands. “C'mon! We gotta go see Miria!” “I'll see you both soon.” I told them with a laugh. I walked through the familiar halls of the mansion and found myself feeling almost nostalgic. It had been 3 years. I'd kept in contact with Alikai. He'd call for me in his 'emergencies’ hen he missed me. I'd come see him and stay with him through the night when Zakkar was on a rescue mission. However, Zakkar and I hadn't had much conversation or interaction outside that. Both our world's had changed drastically after our last encounter. I don't think either of us really knew how to communicate with the other. Without realizing I'd found my way into his office. He was asleep at the desk. Passed out in his chair. His once short brown hair had grown long. He must not have had a chance to cut it with so many kids around. His tanned skin seemed to have paled some in the last few years and he had gained a bit of a messy amount of facial hair. I shook my head and walked over to him. I took to my female form once again and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Zakkar. Wake up now. Please.” I whispered in a soothing voice as I gently shook his shoulder. Zakkar stirred and looked up at me. “Vena…?” “Been some time.” I told him. He got to his feet and held me tightly to him. “I'm so glad you're alright.” His voice was a bit rougher than usual and there was a sincere amount of relief. I hugged him back and felt my own relief wash over me. “I'm glad you're doing alright too. Starting to get a bit haggard from all the kids you're caring for though.” I told him. We separated and he tied his hair back. “Yeah. Miria has been an immense help ever since you brought her here. As well as Lysle when it comes to their studies.” I gave a kind smile and leaned back against the desk. “I'm glad. Are you resting though?” He chuckled at that, “Not as much as I should.” He then flicked my forehead, “Now who did you bring home to me today?” I shook my head, “A raven named Max who was experimented on. As well as my comrade Amelia who noticed his presence long before I had. I believe she may be a clairvoyant.” He nodded and I heard giggling from the other side. I didn't even have to look to know it was Alikai and a couple of the kids. “I think he's trying to set us up.” Zakkar said with a shake of his head. “He's been trying for years.” I replied as we headed out the office door to see the giggling kids. I woke up after that.