Perkins on Acid!

Date: 8/8/2017

By ChristianV02

This dream started off with a girl asking me to go Perkins with her and a group of her friends. It was late, around 9PM and the Perkins was dimly lit with blue lighting. Everyone was dressed very nicely including my self. Me and this women go to the bar and have a couple drinks. I find out she slipped acid into my drink when i see her put it into my friends drink also. I did not feel it but later on in the dream I start to notice i'm at different locations. I end up in a school area that I live near. A group of people in Pig Masks come out of no where and start hitting me. I was very good at fighting so i fought these men off and got to a safe place. I find my self in a forest with a bunch of bridges high up in the trees. I look up at these and see zombies running up and down these and a step on a branch and every zombie looks over at me and charges. As my body is getting ripped to shreds i hear the girl yelling my name. I get water poured on my face and realize i am still in Perkins and was just on acid!