strange zombie dream

Date: 7/3/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

what I remember is hordes of zombies. But they didn't really affect the day-to-day things that I had to do. I remember driving with d and having to take him to school. I was at Smith's with him headed somewhere to pay a bill and then drop him off but for some reason Antoinette us both up and we still have to drop him off at school. We ended up going somewhere where they took some kind of tests on me. They put me in a medical gown it was a nice facility there were lots of nurses laughing as the nurse clamped my penis with some calibers and pulled out something that fell into a liquid beaker and made of vortex and a humming sound. Me told me the name of the machine but I cannot remember what it was. I remember the nurse is giggling. I remember asking D if he forgot his backpack. For some reason as we were leaving it was me and D only and he was hungry but the facility had snack foods and he was able to eat. I remember some of the zombies had like powers or something. I don't remember what they were but for some reason they were stronger than the others.